The block printing course I took with Dana Porat was very liberating and meaningful for me.
Design studies are very stressful and therefore each student develops their own work progress in order to make sure they will have a good project standing for the deadline date. Thus, I learned to plan every single detail before I start crafting. However, this form of work can be very exhausting and tedious after years of work.

At Dana Shamir's course, we first of all created prints in quantities and only then did we think about what to do with them. I felt confused not knowing what am I going to do with them, but when the time came to be creative and thinking what to do with them, I Suddenly remembered how playful a creation can be. The freedom and the many ideas surprised me. I remembered this was my natural way of working as a child with plenty of time, and was one of the reasons I enjoyed so much. Now, I'm trying to feel this creative feeling every time I approach to a new project. Even though I do believe in planning, I'm trying now to still be open to new directions and think outside the box.
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